boxer_1.jpg (115730 bytes)

Mike Satur's Mark I Boxer hoops


boxer_2.jpg (91979 bytes)

Mike Satur's Mark II Boxer hoops

Some pictures of the hoops being fitted - HERE

MS_MARK3.JPG (135824 bytes)

Mike Satur's Mark III Boxer hoops


Safety_Devices.jpg (85962 bytes)

Safety Devices Hoops


XPower01.jpg (74818 bytes)

MG X-Power Hoops


XPower02.jpg (141856 bytes)

MG X-Power Hoops


MGF_Centre_Back.jpg (102919 bytes)

MGF Centre Hoops


P7231947.jpg (122340 bytes)

XPart Hoops & Windstop


x_part.jpg (48346 bytes)

XPart Hoops

Screw.jpg (472855 bytes)

Generic Style Hoops